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wii gamed so much this weekend

Mario kart came out for the wii Sunday and we headed to Best Buy to grab a copy. They had boxes and boxes of them along with 8 wii consoles on a table right in front. We got mario kart and an extra wheel. Took me a bit to learn the tricks, but I was kicking butt right away. Theresa was a bit scared, but by her 3rd race she took first. There are bunches of reviews out there so I will spare ya. Will just say it is pretty fun, but nothing too amazing. A great party game or to get folks to play wii if they have not and have a good time.

we rented pinball hall of fame and I love it. I am a huge pinball fan and this game is the absolute best emulator I have ever played. The graphics are spooky real. Sure the wii does have graphic issues, but the playfield is beautiful. The games are completely accurate down to the little quirks of certian games. Like how the bumpers work with the multiplier lights on the game taxi. I am gonna pick this one up for sure.

This guy is not a fan of pinball, but it is the best vid I could find.

Last we rented Mario and Sonic Olympics. This is your usual wear your arms out shaking them in diff ways kind of game. It follows the mario kart system where you hace to win rounds to unlock more events. Still fun though.

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