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sorry to do this, but I am gonna go negative. The beer fest irked me good


I have heard some negative info about it this year. I have gone to many of these beer fests over the past decade and served beer at most I attended. It used to be if you wanted to participate you brought your beer as a donation to the cause. I think they are charging those who bring beer now. Also the peeps I got the ticket from donated $500 cash and a couple thousand worth of materials to this fest and got very few tickets out of it when they had gotten many in past years. Seems like greed is working its way into this.

this was so frickinglame

I am pissssssssssssed off

I mentioned above how many folks who donated got hosed, well it was the folks who bought tickets that really got forked. For your $30 you got 10 beer tickets and 5 wine tickets. Wine bottles had measuring pourers on them so you got 2 ounces of wine per ticket. The beer glasses were small and were not supposed to be filled all the way, so about 4 ounce samples.

Lets do the math
10 ounces of wine and 40 ounces of beer fo $30. Sure you could buy more tickets for a buck each.
Forking lame as hell.

There were only 4 breweries and about the same wineries.
The food provided from the fest was pretty lame. Cheese chunks and wheat thins, grapes, and peggler egg rolls. There were food vendors like bread and cup, brown baggers, goat cheese guy and Le Quartier. They had really good stuff.

Turnout was weak, they got too greedy. If I had paid for my ticket I would of been much more furious than I am. Lucky for me I know all the brewers and got my buzz on with many tickets to spare.

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