what has been up with the site lately

apparently I put the hurt on their servers really really bad with my almostpr0n site (blushing emoticon).

We have moved you to a different server to accomodate your usage – your
site was causing a high load on your old server (192 while we prefer to
keep it under 5) and affected other customers.

darn. The nice lady from dreamhost who emailed me suggested I not let peeps hotlink my pics (blushing emoticon), even sent me the link to where I can do that.

looks like I got fuskered (dont know what that is? google it). I did not notice it cuz it was not showing up on my statcounter and the pics are small, so it did not suck a bunch of bandwidth. Anyway it is all fixed, ain’t no hotlinking going to be going on, and I have completely moved it off of the BorK domain. It is truely its own site now.

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