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what a morning


This going to get gross, so stop reading if you do not want to read about gross.

I was sick this morning and that sucked. Went back to bed and was awoken by Zobert whimpering. I got up and was instantly hit with the stink of dog poo. I got them outside and started cleaning it up. The stink from the pool on the kitchen floor made me sick as well, but I made it through it and mopped after finding candles to light. Took a few minutes to chat with Theresa online and take a shower. I got out of the shower and saw a huge pile of dog puke on my bedroom carpet. Headed to grab some TP to clean it up and Zobert was barfing on the living room floor. I panicked and tried to get her outside while she was still hoarking. I reach the landing to open the door and step right into a warm pool of stuff. While cleaning it up it of course made me sick as well once again. Theresa had just came in the door to the sounds of me hurling and the messes still not cleaned up. It was just horrible.

I cleaned the carpets over the weekend and it looks like I will be busting the carpet cleaner out again. That thing was so worth the purchase. After cleaning the carpet I am going to take a nap. See ya tomorrow

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