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weekends are for foooooooood

so we love to roast chickens. Oh man they are so good. Well sometimes the leftovers get made onto soup, tacos, or go into the dog treats T bakes. Well I had an idea cuz I bought some of them crappy taquitos from the store. Gonna make my own.

I used chicken drenched in green chili sauce, and the cream cheese below had cayenne, paprika, and chili powder, plus pepper jack, and colby jack. I rolled them in corn torts I warmed up in some oil. I am thinking I will try flour torts next time without the oil. Too crispy, but darn good.

so from woot I got a new fryer. We had been using a pot filled with oil with a digi thermometer for a while. We have gone fry crazy. Sure you can buy crap to fry from the store, which we did. It costs too much for severely processed crap. So I have been breading our own crap. In the pic those are shrooms and mozz stix. It is pretty awesome. T makes her sauce for the mozz stix, it yummy. I have done some zucchini as well.

For the breading I just use garlic breadcrumbs. And the moz stix are just string cheese. I double dip the mozz stix to make sure they are fryer safe.

And T has been testing many different brownie recipes, these are good.

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