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we are loving amazon prime


It comes down to how comfortable you are with ordering stuff online, but OMG we love amazon prime. We have been ordering so much stuff from amazon over the years that we joined up no prob. It is $80 a year for free shipping for amazon sold items (not resellers), and you can get it from amazon most of the time. No need to build an order. Even if you do build up and order they will ship stuff in diff packages.

This week I got a Lee’s Corn Cutter and two books. Each one was shipped 2 day mail in separate boxes. It is like they simply do not care about spending on shipping at all. For many things we could just go to the store to get it, but it shows up on our porch over lunch in two days and we did not have to drive to get it. We have saved the yearly prime membership in just under a month of shipping costs.

If you use amazon often prime is quite the deal on saving shipping costs. Not to mention you do not pay taxes on the already cheap prices. It did come with the free media, we have a google TV that can take advantage of it, but the selection is sooooo lame it is completely not worth it.

Our fedex guy seems mad at us because he is forced to swing by my neighborhood a few times a week. I try to be nice, but he does not even look at me when I say hi. Oh well. He has 3 more things to deliver Thursday. Cap gun, caps, and a 2.1 speaker set for my desktop. The speakers were ready for shipping so they sent them out on their own instead of bundeling with the other stuff. mwahahahahahahah…..

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