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pro plugger is awesome


Got my pro plugger today. Holy cow. I had been using a sod plugger I stole from my dad a decade ago to make plugs, and it was a nightmare to use. I have been fighting to have a good back lawn for over a decade now. I suffered for a few years because I planted annual grass. I thought annual meant it came back the next year. Then I tilled the whole area and planted new grass. Every year I struggle. I do not care if it is grass or not, I just want it to not be dirt because dogs track mud in when it rains. That is prob my problem, but I am still fighting.

The Pro Plugger is awesome as hell. The design is really simple. In the above pic it looks like the whole shaft is tapered, but really only the botton few inches are. So when you take a plug it loads into the tube. The next plug pushes it up making it free from being stuck in the tube. You simply invert the plugger to pour out plugs. I spent maybe 20 minutes learning and plugging and made some decent progress.


The area I need to fill is not much, but I have a lot of good donor area I can grab from. I should have a decent back lawn this year no prob.

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