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Because they’re freaks of nature, and I don’t agree with the choice they’ve made not to dye their hair and live like a normal human being. If they get their way, kids will be taught in kindergarten that it’s okay to be ginger, and worse, that it’s okay for ginger people to cohabit and even raise children (obviously increasing the chances of more ginger people being created). Parents should be allowed to tell kids the truth about being ginger, without having “equality” forced on them by the state.

I don’t have anything against ginger people as such. Live and let live. I believe in loving the person, but hating the hair colour. I just don’t want them near my kids, and object to being called a bigot and gingerphobic just because I don’t have the politically correct view. The PC brigade are the ones being intolerant, for not tolerating my perfectly justifiable distate for the ginger agenda.

They can have equal rights. They can dye their hair and have the same right to have a normal hair colour as the rest of us. They want “special” rights – the right to be ginger, and I don’t think any group should be given this kind of favouritism. They don’t just want equality, they want to force us to accept their lifestyle. They want to take away our right to disapprove of ginger hair. What about our rights?

And that’s not even touching religious objections. NOWHERE in the Bible does it say it’s okay to be ginger.

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