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Box Awesome RIP, but lets rock the crap out of its last few days (metal fingers)

Box Awesome will host its last show June 30th

The lawyers have drawn their guns and we’ve come to terms to be out of the 815 O St. location on July 6. I knew we’d be gone eventually but this is still a huge bummer knowing how many people poured their heart and soul into that location.

That said, we’re going to take a few weeks (hopefully not months) to get things running smooth at the Bourbon Theatre and then we’ll put some of our focus into finding the best spot for Box Awesomer. I’m sure others from the Box will chime in, but I feel very blessed for being given the chance to help with the growth of that place. I’ve met so many wonderful people in the past two years (and a few dbags) and I think it put me over the top with wanting to commit myself to helping Lincoln grow as a music town over the next few years rather than bailing after college.

We’re scheduling our last ever show at the Box for June 30. It’s a Tuesday but we hope you can make it out. Music will be provided by:

Plack Blague


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