Unknown Legend rides above our neighborhood. Badass sculpture

unknown legend
Image photoshoped to remove the pole it is on.

TMCO has this sculpture on 6th and J at the National sprinkler / Metal & Art location of TMCO.

We are talking a huge metal biker ghost chick riding an awesome motorcycle with windmills for wheels. A huge plus for my property value I am guessing. She will be on display for a year and then auctioned off for some charity I think.

These are the pics that were sent to me. I worked really late and got to see it in the dark. Theresa said she saw it and it was awesome. I will get a bunch of pics and some video of it kicking. The stand still needs to be painted, but it is anchored purdy good.


Head over to my flickr to see full size images of it. It is amazing.

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