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kinda sorta beef stroganoff

OK I will come clean. This is beef, noodles, and gravy with sour cream in the gravy. That makes it stroganoffish right? Strogganesque?

I had partially frozen the cheap beef so I could slice it really thin. The thinner the better.

cook up some noodles. We use wide egg noodles. Big ol pot of water with some salt in there.

make some gravy. (well documented descript of my gravy) I added a dollop of sour cream (he he dollop)

The sour cream adds flavor and makes it look more cream based. Does not really mess with the thickness too much. you can always thin it down some more iffin you need. Plus it is fun to mess with.

Get that skillet really hot. I go just a notch below high. I want to fry the F out of that beef really fast. A pat of butter will keep it from sticking when you get started, but the juices from the meat will seep out right away.

Get some salt and pepper on there to season the meat up. I like the kosher and fresh ground pepper. We get individual disposable black peppercorn grinders. They are the best pepper grinders we have ever used. Expensive ones usually suck. be careful to avoid pepper medley. it contains coriander and can makes stuff not taste right. If I want to add coriander I will.

I love the crunchy bits. Nothing like some good seared / burnt beef bits to add some special flavor. I use my skillet kind of like a wok and push the meat up the sides till almost all the juice is boiled off then sear up the meat till it browns a bit. Make sure to scrape the meat in the crunchy bits to break them loose from the bottom of the skillet. A touch of brandy or more beef broth will make it break loose if you want.

Add the noodles and gravy stuff and eat.

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