uber beef stroganoff

It was like my mouth was raped by beef.

This was my second try at beef stroganoff, first was kinda bland. I get a cheap steak and put it in the freezer for a bit to make cutting it thin easier. Cook the beef strips at a really high temp in a little butter to get good browning and the crunchie flavor filled bits. Sauce was a bit different this time. I made a roux and added campbells beef condensed bullion. Now here is where I messed up. I did not notice the condensed part, I just thought the tiny cans were cute. Noodles, beef and dark brown sauce with some sour cream added, all good right?

The beefiness was soooooo intense. Oh man my mouth hurt. it was really good, but it was dangerous. I will definitely add some water to the sauce next time.

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