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Tropicana Pure 100 Juice Pomegranate Blueberry


I have been getting pounded from my tropicana raspberry acai post. 84 google hits yesterday.

Well I picked up another flavor in this line. It has the 4 juice mix again, pear, apple, pomegranate, and blueberry. This one did not have the pulp, but was so dark you could not see through it. The blueberry hits hard and it is not as sweet as you would expect. It finishes really dry like a shiraz wine. I really enjoyed it, but I have come to a conclusion on these. You are paying for a fancy bottle of from concentrate juices. And the price is high for so little. I think I will stick to five alive as my reg juice but am always looking to try new stuff.

After a little googling I found this.

Some products made primarily with apple juice show no apples at all on the front label, instead depicting pomegranates and blueberries while claiming “100% Juice!” in big letters. “This misleads consumers into thinking these products are one hundred percent pomegranate juice,” explained Adams, “When in fact, they may only be five or ten percent pomegranate juice.”

The study the guy did is really good. Check it out for the real info.

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