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Today is a good day


After a good nights sleep where I was able to sleep on my side with a big pillow between my legs I feel absolutely fabulous. The only pain is just my mashed right nut and a little bit up inside on the right where the vas was tugged on. I took a glorious shower and inspected the area with a mirror. No visible bruising and no signs of swelling. I put the jock strap over my boxers and am looking forward to sitting on some peas and playing Zelda.

If you are curious about the procedure expand the post

* Completely awake the whole time.
* When I arrived I changed into a gown and robe, Simone handed me some numbing cream and showed me where to put it on a diagram.
* I sat for 30 minutes with a warm towel over my groin and watched TV.
* We walked into the OR and I got on the table.
* She attached a grounding pad to my butt for the cauterizing.
* She shaved me and then started 3 rounds of cleaning and sterile goop. They then covered me in sterile towels.
* Doc came in and started feeling for my vas. This is when the pain was 8.5. he was rough and was really digging in there.
* He started on the left, grabbed the vas, clamped below it, started injecting the numbing stuff, and maybe 30 seconds later was slicing the skin off the top of the vas.
* Once the vas was free he grabbed it, pulled it up and out of the hole, this is the part where they say you will feel a tug, it was insanely painful.
* Clamped both ends about 3/4 inch apart, cut a piece of the vas away, cauterized both ends, folded the ends over and stitched them, then put a titanium clip on the ends.
* Took the clamps off and both ends went back in. Then he stitched the incision.
* Repeat on the other side. That was the one he was having problems getting a hold of the vas through my sack. He was just mashing away like he was in a big hurry. Pain 9.5 and they had to hold me down. For the rest of the right I was just shaking and trying my hardest to relax.
* They cleaned me up again, helped me get my jock strap on with a big pad of gauze, and sent me to get changed back into my clothes. Handed me my specimin cups and some after care instructions. I signed that I understood them and walked out the door.

Here is a vid of the procedure WARNING it has peeeeenis and live surgery. Mine was the same, but I got clips as well. Also they did a lot more cleaning and sterilizing of the area.

I was able to see the whole thing from a reflection on the light. I was expecting a Valium or something before and pain meds after. I was numb down there, but I could still feel the pain of my balls being mashed since the numbing stuff was just in the vas and the small area around the incision.

Thanks for all the well wishes 🙂

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