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I am doing much better now

NSFW language obviously.

Theresa has been a trooper. I had her keys when I went in to the backroom. She was going to go get coffee while I was back there, but had to sit out in the waiting room for over 2 hours
She went and got me more peas, ice cream, and I get pizza hut tonight. I did not even separate my shoulder and I get pizza hut.
She has been keeping the dogs away from me. Two amazing dive catches when Zobert went straight for my balls. Was like watching superman, but a girl.
She is getting angry that I am not asking for more help and thinks I should play up the pain more for sympathy.

A nap totally hit the spot. I just laid on my back with some corn over my junk because I could not lay on my side how I prefer. Theresa said she could hear my snoring from the back door 🙂
I am currently only on ibuprofen and doing pretty good. The right ball stitches have a bit of sharp pain every now and then, but the general ball ache is not all that bad right now.

I want to shower so bad right now. I love to shower so much, usually after any nap. My balls itch like crazy. I had shaved the general area, but Corina my main nurse said that was cute, but I am just going to clear everything away. She was pretty awesome in helping me. The whole experience was pretty cool on their part. In the preop area they gave me a warm towel and I got to watch TV. When the problems with my right side started they added 7 more CCs of numbing and she asked if I wanted to hold her hand. I was grimacing and hurting too much to answer so she just went for it. It helped.

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