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This isn’t a victory for Collegehumor. This is a victory for all of us. Together we pranked the entire automobile-owning population of Nebraska.

The internets are all a buzz about this.

This site is devoted to the issue.

Since the intertubes are populated with nothing but charitable, benevolent souls, a website run by such people called College Humor decided they should help us pick the best design! How helpful!

But of course the internet is actually more like an infinite cesspool. The College Humor guys actually were more interested in “Ruin a Nebraska: Everyone vote design 2 so Nebraskans get boring license plates” then helping us.

They instructed their readers by the thousands to vote for “number 2” because they thought it was so ugly it was funny!

College Humor claims victory

The state government claims that our votes weren’t counted, but it’s pretty clear that no one would vote for that power-point-presentation worthy design because they liked it. They also claim that Collegehumor votes came in evenly over all the choices. We ruin a lot of polls in the hotlinks section. They usually display the results, and I can assure you that, that never happens.

and some radio morning guys talked with CH about it this morn.

Nebraska’s Barf-tastic New Licence Plates: Chosen By A College Prank?

I really do not care. Mike bike does not need a license plate.

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