they pouring zeeee street


Woke up this morning to the sound of a big truck going down the street. i figured it was the yard waste / refuse truck a bit early. I had not put my yard waste out yet so I was bummed. Getting ready I heard the truck again. WTF? Theresa said “cement trucks, eeeeeeeeee” Yup bunches of them going down the street.

So a bit of bummer news. I thought the Jamaica North trail was gonna be on the east side of 4th street, but my neighbor guy said the trail will be on the west side. To the west it is all dead ends cept for D st which crosses the tracks. The trail being on that side will make crossing traffic safer since not too many go down that way. Still I wanted it on my block 🙁

marked the new street with red. From A to J there will be concrete.

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