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The Thunderzone ruled. Beer bus a bunch of fun


Thunderhead brewery was our final destination Sat. I had heard their calazones were awesomr and was pretty darn hungry by the time we got there. I got a thunderzone and slpit it with Chris who got a meat filled calazone. Both were awesome. The fire oven made them quick and golden brown. They slather some melted butter on them and some parm cheese. The dough was perfect and the zones were not greasy. The beer ruled as usual.

We killed one keg and put the hurt on another before we hit Grand Island. Folks brought some food to pass around. One guy brought some deviled eggs, which was a bad idea. On the ride back the farts were dropping like crazy. You cannot roll down a window. 35 dudes who ate eggs and drank beer all day long was just asking for trouble. Some older gent horked in his seat and that just added to the stank. I showered when I got home. Theresa was surprised to pick up 4 fairly sober dudes after it was over.





monster pretzle was only $1



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