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The Restaurant Featuring the Other Room


The restaurant

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Had a kinda date night thingy. Bought a garage door opener to replace the one that has been broke for 3 months. Picked up a cheap clock radio to replace the one that broke sometime in the last 24 hours. Never trust suction cups. And ate out.

We visited The Restaurant Featuring the Other Room cuz I wanted to check out broasted chicken and Theresa can never turn down hot beef. They were a bit busy. The main dining room was nice. Lots of booths and nice decor. I wanted to know what the other room was. Poked my head in and it is their bar / lounge area. The bartender looked like he could use a table, so we sat there.

The bartender was helping some folk who ordered at the bar and then headed out to the outdoor seating. A server came out from the dining area to wait on us. I am used to the bartender having their own little section during down times, but he was keeping really busy. He was assisting other servers and earning his cut I am sure.

Ordered a Empyrean ales Octfest, pretty good. They had 4 or 5 beers on tap. Domestics, Boulevard, and Empyrean. The bar area is completely set up to be a bar in the later evenings.


The hot beef sammich was a full meal. Lots of roast beef, taters, and life giving gravy. There was no way she could kill it. She said it was purdy good for other than our own.


I had to try this broasted chicken. I got the 3 piece and broasted fries. Once it came out I could tell it was gonna be good. It looked so cleanly fried. Not the dirty oil deep brown some places try to pass off. It was glistening. I thought pressure cooked was not fried. But I remember Theresa telling me about KFC having cages for the pressure fryers for the extra crispy.

The breading was light and delicious. It was strange having such a clean tasting piece of fried chicken. The flavor is just enough, and it was as they say, juicy. I loved it and will eat it again for sure.

Broasted fries: Well still not completely sure what broasting is. But I would call them potato wedges with a beer batter. It was like mini baked potatoes.


Baffroom had art 🙂


They have a chicken fried steak and a BBQ bacon cheeseburger I need to try. Now let me just say places ruin a good bacon cheeseburger by offering it as a BBQ BCC cuz BBQ should be an option, not the norm. Put right in the description that BBQ can be added.

Love that the place is so close to us, and a cheap good meal.
Yes there was wallpaper in the other room.

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