Sunday morning ride and some 9 south chargrill (Billy Browns update sorta)

Ride 2

Finally got my friends 5th call to go for a ride Sunday morning. “We are a few blocks away, think you can be ready?” Slapped on some clothes and headed out the door. We took the Jamaica North trail south for a good ride. On the way back the folk decided to hit 9 south chargrill for some lunchies. I had a nice breakfast so I just enjoyed a beer and some iced tea while they ate. They got some awesome food.

A bit ago I did a post on Billy Browns which is under the same ownership as 9 south chargrill and suggested you try one of their unique items. Amy got the Buffalo Chicken salad, kit got a ruben and the grilled chicken salad, Jayme got a pulled pork sammich, and Dan went with the triple decker tomato sammich. All were extremely satiisfied. The triple decker tomato looked awesome and Dan said it was. Both places have some great offerings and we are lucky to have such places here in Lincoln.


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