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Linens and things closeout has good stuff


Our toaster oven died and I did a bunch of research and Theresa went to scope a few places out to find a good one to replace our dead one. I will post about the new one later, swears (it is soooooooooooo cool). Theresa figured she would check out Linens and things because they are going out of biz. The toaster oven was 20% off, she picked up some new curtains for the living room which 30% off, and she grabbed a new set of caphlon nonstick pans. We absolutely love these pans an need a new set in a year or so, but being 10% off and a special deal she simply could not pass it up.


BTW this limited time offer has been going for a year now. Still some of the finest nonstick pans I have ever owned. It all comes down to the thickness and construction. They slay the cheapo ones and many mid range price pans.

And one of those stupid 3 basket thingies for us to thaw food and dry out washed sucky bags in a place where Thunks the cat cannot get to them. Little bugger.


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