so you took Monday off, what did ya do?


Wow this was a pain. So we both took Monday off for reasons. Theresa was dealing with Fuggles at the vet, and I had some plumbing work to do.

Ya see I left the hose hooked up last year and our house being 107 years did not like that much. It froze and blew out the connection. I was able to close the water faucet good, I thought. Well for the past 8 months it has slowly been dripping and making a huge mess.

So chopped out the ceiling to see what I was up against. Oh man. After looking I decided to just cap it off and we can bring the hose from the front into the back if needed. Only two trips to the hardware store, where I saw my boss. “well I took the day off cuz a plumbing project has gone south and we need to use the restroom” While pointing to my soaked left side and dirty hands, it was all good. Pipe capped, wood drying, hole in the ceiling of a room we never use, oh well. Very happy.

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