Cookie Company Dough at Ideal mmmmmm……


When it comes to cookies Theresa kicks butt, but she got nuttin on the cookie company. Like the one in the mall, you just smell it and drool. I hit the one downtown at 12th and P. Oatmeal scotchies are fricking awesome. Well down at Ideal I saw they had the dough frozen and picked up a tub.

$5.99 seemed steep, but I knew I could add more scotchies and make an uber cookie. And make an uber cookie I did.

Man they expanded a bunch more than I thought they would. The extra scotchies make it awesome, but it tastes exactly the same. Surprised that sour cream is in there, but do not care they ruled. I used 1/2 the tub and got 6 huge cookies. It really was a deal.


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