so I picked up a Gorgar project pin


It is a project pin that a friend sold to me. Previous orner had painted the whole cabinet blue for some reason. The guy who sold it to me did the hard work on the boards and it worked when I got it home. I played it about 10 times and somehow messed it up and now it is dead. I have lots of bits to try and fix it on the way, but I am sad. Last resort would to buy a new severely upgraded board that replaces the two very error prone boards to get it working again, but that board costs $300 and would eliminate my main goal of fixing the pin up to sell in the future at a profit to trade up for a better pin.

I am going to try and fix it myself and will bring you all along on the process. It is going to be quite the adventure.

But pin row looked darn good last Friday night.


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