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So on the suggestion of Chef Todd and his knife sharpening video I picked up a $13 eight inch dual sided sharpening stone from the hardware store. I headed home and checked out some other youtube vids on how to use a sharpening stone.

I used water to lube it up and it sucked up a bunch of water into the stone. Started with the dull steak knives in my Kitchenaid set which is pretty decent. I got those very sharp and kept working on my technique up to my precious chefs knife. I even used the brown side of my reversible belt to strop the sharpened and honed knives. The difference is amazing. I cut up some chicken today and it was spooky how sharp my knife was. I will keep working on getting the angle and technique down and can skip the places I have taken my knives to get sharpened which have had mixed results. Still pretty bummed that my santoku knife was hacked to loose its curve and render it pretty much useless. I doubt my stone can shape it enough since they are high carbon stainless.

Very pleased with my first attempts results.

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