Scott Hams somked sausage


I spoke before about Scott Hams bacon and how it is the most bestest. I had not made it through my first pack of bacon before I was on the Scott Hams website ordering more. Saw they has smoked sausage on there and got a bit.

For some reason I was thinking this was going to be like summer sausage, but it is breakfast sausage. Smoked in a cloth bag and grease stained the heck out of the butcher peper it came shipped in. I cut off 3 thin slices and cooked it up. Once again the smoke smell was powerful and the fat rendered out big time. They shrunk down a bunch and tasted amazing.

I replied to the email with my shipping information and told them how much I loved their bacon. Provided a link to my first post as well.

Absolutly loved your comments. Am printing out to keep. Thanks, June Scott.

Their pepper bacon is really good too. Such a great place that sells amazing products for amazingly low prices. I will be ordering again and again.


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