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So we headed out to the Jamaica North trail head at 15th and Satillo with the puppies for walkies. I was being all cool getting them fancy pics like them fancy picture folks do. Then I noticed the card was not in the camera 🙁

Speaking of the Jamaica 4th street is now paved and the up ramps for the Jamaica are poured. They are pretty and wide. They have two of them rubber rectangles of bumpy rubber on the incline part, they are that wide. The heavy equipment is still working on the landscaping of what they tore out from the street laying, but I figure the trail should be poured soon.

One of my fav sites did a review on TP. I think they ganked the idea from me 😉

We gonna have breftest for dinner tonight. I have some killer apple wood smoked bacon that is calling my name. Gonna make some hashbrowns, toast, and do it up right. Theresa makes this strange sausage and onion omelet so she be happy.

I think I am over my bloggersblock. There might be a forum moving to BorK land. More details to come in the future.

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