hash browns


So I asked the question on SCS. Lots of info there.

OK the results are in.

If you care here is how stuff is laid out.

left top, cast iron skillet:
Left side cooked potato
right side raw potato

right bottom,non stick pan:
Left side cooked potato
right side raw potato

veg oil and a bit of butter in each pan

I cooked the tater in the microwave for 4 mins. It was pretty much baked. Easy to shred, but came out a bit smooshed

The pan really did not matter. The cast iron cooked the taters much faster and resulted in a crispier texture. I used a bit too much oil, but if I made a whole batch of hash browns it would of been about right.

so besides the pan they were cooked in, the raw potatoes were the favorite of both of us.

– Crispier
– looked better
– rigid
– more potatoesque

– mushy prob from over cooking
– flavor not too potato like
– held the grease




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