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Rode south on the newly linked up Jamaica North

When the Jamaica North bike trail officially opened up this year it went from Calvert to .5 miles south of Satillo. I had ridden that stretch a bunch of times. Some fellow bikers mentioned that it now goes all the way to Cortland. Article

Well Sunday morning at 7 AM we headed south on it and all I can say is wow. From my house to Cortland would be right at 22 miles, Beatrice eventually would be 40. We made it just about 2 miles from Princeton. There were a bunch of folk out on the trail. During our 15 mile ride we hit 3 bridges that have not been decked and railed. They were pretty rough.

The fresh limestone was really smooth and dusty. It is pretty hard on your drive train and completely covered my tires and frame. Not to mention getting all over my clothes and water bottle. I figure it should be in pretty decent shape here in a few months.

When the trail is done it will stretch south to KS, and north to 4th and J, which is 3 blocks away from me. They are currently digging up 4th street to replace the utilities and sewer. 4th street will get paved since they tore the old rail line out last year, then they will work on finishing the north end of the trail. I am so excited.

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