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things linux geeks won’t tell ya

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10 things linux users do not tell ya when bragging.

3. You will have to learn how to use the command line.

Regardless of how GUIfied Linuxes have become, a lot of operations still require the command line, so you better be ready to learn how to use it. Besides, in the strange occurrence of a system crash, chances are it will revert to a stable command line interface. We don’t tell you this because we, hardcore Linux users, *love* the command line, and the power of the command line is one of the major appeals of Linux. We truly believe everyone should love the command line as much as we do.

And I guess I will add more.

1. Linux does crash, sort of. The window manager (the GUI) can have issues, especially if you are using compiz, beryl, compiz fusion, or another cool one. On a windows box this would cause you to have to reboot. In linux you just restart X. This can be as simple as pressing alt + ctrl + backspace or entering “sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart” from a CLI. It is pretty fast, way faster than a reboot. Plus say you had a virtual machine running, it will still be running.

2. with so many different distro’s you might have problems running programs you download. Packages come in different flavors. You got .deb’s, RPM’s, and just source packages. Most can be converted easy though. And 99% of the packages you install will be available from your package manager.

3. not all linux ladies are hotties, cept for my wife that is 😉

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