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Pins got a lot of love over the weekend

Left flipper collar Bride of Pinbot

I have been wanting to do a complete flipper overhaul on both machines for a long time. I figured it would make a huge difference and the flippers were a bit wonky. You can purchase rebuild kits that have all you need and I did, but the kit for pinbot did not have coil sleeves or flipper bushings so I waited till my next order to get those. Over the weekend I did both machines. The Bride of Pinbot had some repairs over the years so its bits were not all that bad, but I do not think Pinbot’s had ever been done. The shafts and stops were badly mushroomed and the bushings crumbled when I took out the screws. They are both playing really well now.



Installed new beer strips on both lock bars. The old strips were disintegrated. The fit is really tight now and the lock bar does not wiggle around now.


And finally some new leg levelers. Needed to bust out the floor jack and 7 2X4s for that one. Need to pick up one of those level thingers that tells you angle of slope to get the table just right.

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