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Live blogging Halloween 2010

8:00 and a big group took us out. We decided to keep that last two bars for our ourselves. It is nice that the neighborhood is getting more kids out trick or treating every year. We would of gotten more candy if we thought there was a chance to give that much out. They have replaced the railroad tracks on 4th street, they put in the paved Jamaica North trail, added street lights, and over the last week they planted hundreds of trees. Plus Urban Trails nursery taking over the beef jerky plant. My spooky neighborhood is becoming really nice. Glad to live here. We are very appreciative of what the city has done for our area as well. This was a huge improvement that has done so much to energize our area.

I told a few groups who were excited for full size bars to not TP my house. Made the parents chuckle.

Thanks for following the live blogging for another year. Zobert is out of her costume.

7:49 two princesses 10 bars out of 60 left

Parents are making their kids say thank you and some are doing it on their own. Thanks rally for sanity 😉

7:47 two bees, not sure which one was the queen
then a big group. 12 bars left

7:40 Geeky and Monet

3 more kiddos. started with 60 bars, about 20 left.

7:30 Gene and Mena swung by 🙂

7:00 I had to go grab some celery and Theresa said she got hit hard. Said a gang of 10 and some could hardly walk. I has sad now 🙁

6:30 first kids. A princess (Anonymous coworker’s daughter), and a witch. Twix and hersheys

Zobert is in her cheerleader outfit

I need to run to the store for celery. BRB

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