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Pan Dulce Bakery

it is where plaza mart was

Located at 11th and G street a new bakery opened up today. I had mentioned it before. It is next to Geno’s / intoxicants. I swung by at 7:30 PM and they were just about to close. My main question was if they make fresh bread. The guy said they do, but were sold out of it. He mentioned that their first day was much busier than they expected and they will make much more fresh bread tomorrow. I would love to be able to pick up a baguette or loaf of french bread on the way home from work daily.

The place is a Hispanic bakery featuring sweet treats and lots of sheet cakes topped with sweet toppings. They had donuts and lots of cookies. They had a tray of shortbread cookies that were absolutely amazing. I wanted to get some of those cookies and he pointed me to the ones with the smiley faces. It was close, but not exactly as good as the mini shortcake ones I sampled. I got a cinnamon roll, two slices of sheet cake, one with pink frosting, and one with I think Bavarian creme and cherries.

My bill came to $3.00 which was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too low. Cookies are 50 cents and I am guessing the sheet cake pieces and the cin roll were 75 cents except for the frosted one. I bet they will be selling lots, but a little raise in the prices would be just good biz.

I tried the frosted sheet cake and it is a really fluffy, moist, and sweet white cake with a hint of cin in the frostine. The cin roll was not heavily coated with icing and the bite I got had no icing in it, but it is a very good cin roll with amazing flavor.

I am excited to check out their bread and I bet I will be stopping by often. We hitting it early tomorrow.


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