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our neighborhood lost an angel

Gwendolyn Ruby Keldsen

Gwen was the sweetest neighbor I had ever had. She was an older lady who was always on the go. She would walk the neighborhood every morning picking up trash. I told her she could use my trash can any time she needed. She would help other elderly folk with getting their mail and other assorted needs on a daily basis. She knew our names, and the names of our dogs. When it snowed she would be out there shoveling the sidewalks of others. At 74 years old.

She was a huge part of her church and we spoke about spiritual stuff every now and then. She never tried to convert me, just share her joy. She brought us gifts of cinnamon bread. I tried for weeks to get a picture with her. I wanted to tell the newspapers about all the good she did. She said she gets all the recognition she needs from those she helped and God. I got my picture with a promise to never post it on a website.

I heard about it from my neighbor. The ambulance showed up, and she has passed on. I so hope there is a heaven, cuz without a doubt she deserves to be there. Her request for a memorial is to donate to the Matt Talbot kitchen.

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