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and you thought our capitol building was phallic


Florida State Capitol

from wikipedia

As visitors to and residents of Tallahassee have noticed over the years, from a direct view from the front, the new capitol building looks somewhat phallic [1][2] as it looms over the old capitol building. All official photos seem to be taken from the South West or North West as it gives the best view of the building while de-emphasizing its masculine qualities. Local legend has it, when the newer road, Apalachee Parkway,was built leading to the front of the capitol building it was designed to prevent viewers from finding a good spot to view this edifice head on. From the only places you could see it, large trees have been planted to prevent the view. This architectural edifice has been the brunt of jokes for years, including the sale of boxer shorts with the silhouette of the building silk screened over the fly under the brand name “legislative briefs”. Also, the capital has been referred to as Askew’s Erection. There has been a long time Tallahassee joke, that the original plans for the building called for a fountain in the center of the roof garden on top of the building. There is no evidence that this is true. In the mean time, it has won a contest due to its appearance [3]. Due to its design, it was also chosen as a location to restart the ERA movement in 2005. [4]

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