OK OK OK sheesh I upgraded to a Flickr pro account

my flickr although it is purdy darn lame currently 🙁

I take a lot of pics with my camera, lots of vid too. Most just sit on my hard drive, many get uploaded to the sites pix on my web server, and few get sent to flickr. Well I really enjoy the tools, speed, and navigationability of flickr. Not to mention that many of the folks I interact with on the internets have urged me to go pro and use flickr more. Not to mention that it is a safe place to store my pics, and purdy darn cheap.

I had set up a funny pix pixelpost gallery that has been slaughtered by spam, which made me want to give up on it. Also I can offload the pic loading to their servers and keep mine running fast just in case I get dugg or reddited for my amazingly original content 😉

Can’t wait to get in there and organize and load tons up. Oh man they are gonna be so sorry they let me go pro.

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