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a product made just for me, bacon salt

bacon salt

Seriously this might be one of the best inventions ever made, well I hope so. You might remember my fondness for bacon, but I have prob hid my love of salt from ya. I love salt. Like the last zesta cracker and then you sprinkle all the salt left over in the sleeve on it mmmmmmmmmm…… Or the last pretzel and you pour all the salt from the bag in to make it all good mmmmmmm….. Oh and when I eat popcorn, which would be up there as one of the top foods for me, so salty T dare not touch (oh man this would make a great popcorn topping) mmmmmm…… I will eat salt all by itself, sooooo good. I have even received salt as a xmas gift.

But it seems a bit strange vegetarian and kosher? Whaaaaaaaaaaa? Who cares they say they wanted to make it taste like real bacon. And hopefully it has some strange chemicals in it that will get me closer to my life long goal of growing a third nipple or gonad. I licked my screen. 1 to 3 weeks I have to wait for the sampler pack to show up on my doorstep, thinking of cryogenic freezing.

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