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Oh Uma…. You are one bad ass lady

So I went and saw the ex girlfriend movie today (look below). Got home and wanted to watch kill bill once again.

just have to say that it is an awesome flick. I have watched it a ton of times, and watched both again tonight. Now I know what to skip through, so it goes fast.

I just really like Uma. Yeah she is hot, but in a strange way. Blonde, skinny, them big eyes, yet still like a normal hottie. Aint no fake, over the top glam, media whore BS. It is more of a whoa she is one bad ass and dedicated actress. Look at what she had to do for the kill bill film. Aint any less impressive than will smith bulking up and punching people.

So I actually went to see the producers. mostly cuz it looked funny, and Uma was in it. (Will ferrel was pretty good in that. yeah he is a douche, but Elf rox). Meh….

Still have never got the lifepartner to watch either kill bill. She no likey voilence on screen, aint a fan of blood in general. I have completely worked out a system involving fast forwarding, knowing when to mute, and when to shield her eyes, so she can see the movie without getting grossed out, but no go.

Oh well.. Thanks Uma for the 30 minute scene where you kill bunches of people. You rock.
When is kill bill 3 comming out?

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