new game resident evil 4

Although it is a 2 year old game, I have not played it on another console. It came out for the wii and was only $30. Theresa bought it for me, and I bought her a new nightie / jammie top at Victoria’s secret. Both the same general price, but it seems like we bought each other gifts. We go dutch on almost everything.

It is a OK game. Kind of a FPS and the story is meh. They have a walkthrough on gamespot, but it just tells you where stuff is. Since the game is pretty much straight forward kill / slash it is not needed that much.

Since Zelda is over, and I am too afraid to play a mmorpg (I will eventually I am sure, srry Mr T), this will keep me busy for a while. It is nothing T wants to encourage me to play, she no like horror stuff. Oh well.

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