grind your own

I had picked up a meat grinder attachment for our mixer off of ebay, but unfortunately it did not include all the pieces (always read fine print). Theresa’s Mom passed this beast down to her. The marking on it say 1899, yeah it is old.

We were gonna make a big batch of bacon cheeseburger macaroni and I wanted to make it really good so I got a slab of chuck and decided to test the grinder out. Trimmed the meat up really good, left a little membrane but virtually no fat. Loaded the chunks of beef in the grinder and started cranking. It was really strange. Blood was dripping on the floor and spraying all over, it was brutal. The membrane got caught up in the grindy part and it was a good amount of work. But the ground meat I got out of it was pretty awesome.

I think if you had a large amount of meat to grind, and dogs to lick the floor it would work pretty good, but I lost a good amount of meat inside it and it was a huge mess. I think I will just stick to the food processor next time.

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