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new faucet which I cannot wait to use


I really wanted a single control faucet with the removable sprayer head and a big neck to fill up pots and such. Theresa was keeping it real and said we can use our old faucet till we have the money to get another after the new cabinets and counter top were installed. Well we got that sink and it only had one hole, and you can drill out other holes. So using the old 3 hole faucet just would not work for us.

We headed to Lowes to get some counter laminate and a new faucet. I was looking at some of the faucets they had and Theresa eyed this beauty from Price Pfister 529-7TMY. I absolutely love how it looks and operates. She wanted it and said we deserve it even though it is a bit pricier than others I was looking at. I was not going to argue 😉

So a pretty penny was paid for this sucka. Not too much over the others, but an investment. Thing is they offer a Pforever warranty. We just to keep it clean with no abrasive cleaners and they will warranty the finish and the mechanical for as long as we own it. That is darn better than the $40 one we have currently. he he

Hoping to get the cabinets this week so we can do the install this 3 day weekend.

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