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my first jump

Whoa dug through the bowels of my puter and found my first jump post.

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Well it finally happened, Steve jumped out of a perfectly good airplane June 8th, 2003, Straight into a new hobby.

Theresa was kind enough to get me a gift certificate for this because I bought her a wedding ring. She is so great!!!! I have always wanted to do this but never saved enough cash to do it. Theresa worked extra hours to save up for it. She is so cool!!!!! Although I wondered why she kept having me sign papers when I was drowsy?

Check out the fancy suit, that barely fit. Those straps are very snug “VERY SNUG!!!!!”. I was walking like a cowboy it was great.

One guy called the plane a railroad car with wings. All I know is that it went up at a very steep angle and the door was open. It was climbing up to 13,000 feet in about 15 minutes and it was straight up all the way. Scariest plane ride ever and no peanuts.

All you could smell was exhaust and hear the plane rattling. It was very cold and crowded, I think there were about 20 people all sitting in each others legs, seat belted in and hooting and hollering. The whole way up (about 15 minutes), the plane was going straight up at a severe angle, all I could see was farmland out the back no sky. When we were at 13,000 feet above the earth the clouds looked like “ants”. At about 13.10 thousand feet, I back flipped out of the planes back Strapped to a firefighter/paramedic named Brian ( with 600+ tandems and 3000+ jumps behind him) and plummeted towards the earth at 120 – 150 MPH. It all happened so fast I had no time to be nervous but the screams could of been heard for miles (I think). The free fall lasted for almost a minute but it felt like ten seconds. It is really hard to breathe when you are in 100+MPH winds, it took a while to realize what had just happened, but once I got back to myself all I could do was laugh. and SCREAM!!! It was kind of cloudy and the chute was released before the cloud line so I lived, fell through, and experienced the clouds in a way only skydivers really are able to (almost a minute in the clouds). I learned later that clouds are kind of a problem because you can barely see in them, when we emerged we were really off course. Brian gave me the controls after the chute opened and I aimed us for the landing spot. The landing was perfect and it felt weird to be on the ground. After I landed The planes were grounded for weather reasons (clouds).

I paid to have some one film me when I jumped and the tape is awesome please ask me to show it to you, it is only about 15 minutes long I am working on getting a link to download it from this site.

This was one of the festivals that the club puts on a couple of times a year, that is why the big plane is used and the higher altitude. Normally tandem jumps are done at 10,000 feet, in a little plane with six or so people. I am hooked and ready to start my training for a chance to jump out alone at 10,000 it will take a while for me to do this, but if anyone wants to come along let me know.

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