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my bacon salt showed up today yay!

Got home and saw I had a package. Completely forgot I ordered bacon salt. When I opened it up I was giddy. Santa rules.
First post about it.

Well I started off with the original. The smell was a spicy bacon bity aroma. The salt is prob 60% tiny uber powerful bacon bits with the rest being assorted seasoning. I lifted the natural ruffles with sea salt sprinkled lightly with the bacon salt and apparently was inhaling at the time and got a bit in my throat. Flavor purdy good though, unique, but still bacony.

On to the peppered. A bit saltier and more peppery burn.

Hickory: It did not seem to be too much more smoky than the others (they all have a slight smoky flavor). It also lacked the powerful flavor of the peppered. I really like to season up my foods and pepper plays a very big role in that. I took another ruffle and topped it off with some more of the peppered. Yup that is the one I enjoyed the most.

I am looking forward to testing it on many different things. This was my first taste test (only had 4 chips worth. Did not want to ruin dinner) and will sprinkle some on the roast tonight. Oh and Wisteria the wedding my little pony agrees. (I have now stopped asking for a pony for Xmas)

Oh and you vegansexuals can enjoy the bacon flavor you so crave cuz it is kosher, (and we all know you crave bacon).

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