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Bacontrepreneurs respond to my commments on their excellent product

bacon salt

Steve –

Thank you SO much for spreading the word about Bacon Salt. It’s really been great how the blogosphere has embraced this – way beyond our expectations. We’re definitely underdogs compared to the big companies entrenched in the spice industry – we’ve learned that there are a lot of shady business practices in the food and grocery industries – but people like you really help level the playing field.

Glad to hear you like the products so far, and I hope to hear more about your adventures in Bacon Salt. Scrambled eggs, steak and potatoes would be our strong suggestions next, and we hope that you give Hickory a chance! Hickory is actually our favorite flavor on steaks, potatoes and corn on the cob in particular and overall as well.

Thanks again,


Maggie enjoys it
bacon salt

And it was pretty good on roast beef.
pic taken after my first bite with the bacon salt on it, added to taters and covered the gravy covered beef after pic. Also was used in the gravy.
bacon salt

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