moon light ride back from Eagle with fire in the sky

GPS tracking powered by

The GPS tracking did pretty good between 84th and 176th street. It skipped the whole in town section for some part. Theresa suggested I turn it on and throw it in my bike bag, which worked out pretty well. We met up with some fellas at the 9 mile hut who were on their way to the One Eyed Dog Saloon so we joined them.

On the way back it was already dark so we let the moon show the way for us. When the tree cover was thick we were pretty much blind, but it all worked out. The meteor shower was last night and we got treated to one about a mile in front of us that streaked through the atmosphere in a huge trail of fire before our eyes. I have never seen one get that far into the atmosphere or that close. It was awesome.

EDIT: Gene does not believe

One eye dog


Unfortunately I did not get a pic of the meteor

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