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mega ultra Hy Vee to the extreme

Was in the area and heard about the mega Hy-Vee out on 84th and decided to check it out. It reminded me of the super duper target where the isles are bigger, but it seems like overkill. Not that big of a fan of walking any further than I have too. My hair dresser mentioned that the ceilings were tall and it made her feel short.

There is a bunch of stuff jammed in that store. An oriental cafe, huge deli, bakery, coffee shop, and my fave the meat dept. They had samples on a monday evening of some of their products. I enjoyed a chunk of hamburger that had bacon, cheese, and spices mixed into the patty. It was really good. They had some of their own chicken brats. I tried a chunk of a herbed one and was severely impressed. I picked up a couple of the chicken brats and they made lunch easy.

It got me thinking that I would love to make my own sausages at home. I just need the kitchenaid attachment set and I could be making delicious snausages. We fell in love with a certian andoullie back at Crane River and have yet to find anything that compares. A nice chicken sausage with basil and sun dried tomatoes would go really well with out pasta dishes.

Mega ultra Hy-Vee is cool, but too far away from me and well Super Saver is good enough for us. Theresa does not take too kindly to Hy-Vee when we go there because they offer different products then what we are used to, and it is hard for her to find what we need. It seems like it will fit in well with that neighborhood though. And is a huge improvement over the one at 70th and O.

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