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finally figured out spaghetti works garlic bread


Our very first date I took Theresa to Spaghetti works. I might still have the matchbook from that date. Sure it was awesome to hang with her, but the garlic bread. Oh, that garlic bread. It is to die for. I have heard stories of some old lady that comes in every day and all she does is make garlic bread. I wish to meet her someday. Something about the slight goldenness and flecks of parsley encased in that crispy garlic cheese crust.

We garlic bread a bunch and have gone through many styles over the years. I have tried to recreate SW garlic bread many times and never came close, till tonight. It was so simple I am amazed. Butter, parm cheese, parsley, and fresh ground garlic. The fresh garlic was key. I used a microplane to turn it into liquid mush. We have used raw garlic before, but only the minced stuff in the jar. Powders just do not cut it. Spread it, let it brown, done. The garlic is sweet and the cheese flavorful. We have made it a few times and I think I still need to cut back on the butter, more cheese.



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  • Nancy · 07/10/2015 at 7:57 AM

    Hi there! I just stumbled upon your recipe for Spaghetti Works garlic bread! I’m anxious to try it. So you practically liquify the garlic cloves and spread it on the buttered bread, then sprinkle parm cheese on the bread, then a little of the parsley?

    Could you please clarify exactly how you made these? Oh, also, what loaf of bread did you use? A sourdough?

    Thank you so much!! I look forward to trying your recipe!!

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