maybe we should of gotten a cat


Seriously what were we thinking? 3 days after Cloe died we saw fuggles and took her right away. maybe we should of done some research. But we are stuck now.

We have had to start rationing her water intake. yup only supervised water for her. As with all things puppy we thought it iwas cute when she would bring us the water dish cuz it was empty. The trainer had told us that puppies will drink cuz they were boored. She has now taken to bringing the water bowl to us when it still has water in it. It is not soo cute anymore.

Well after a good month of purdy good potty training she has really let it go 😉 Piddles everywhere. T was all happy cuz she is finally able to get up on my bed, she did it twice last night and on the second time the little bitch peed on my bed.

Even trade for a litterbox trained cat. Any takers?

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