make your own fire snakes

pretty cool. Looks like a burnt marshmallow.

instructions translated

1. Pour a mound of sand through a sieve, make an indentation in the top, and pour alcohol into the indentation — as much as possible without causing the mound to dissolve.

2. Prepare the reaction mass: Mix thoroughly 1 part baking soda to four parts confectioners’ sugar.
Place the resulting mixture into the indentation in the sand mound. Ideally you should make the clump of reaction mass slightly smaller than the indentation, or the snake will turn out to be a mutant with horns and extra appendages.

Light the mixture, and watch. Soon, you’ll see little black balls beginning to appear, and then, the snake!

Warning: Do not, under any circumstances, pour more alcohol in after the original dose burns through. The sand will at that point be hot enough to evaporate the first few drops of alcohol, which are liable to ignite, lighting the stream of alcohol and from there the container in your hands.


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