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a fruitful day off. Thanks vets

^ new ones

Theresa has been wanting new curtains for a while now. We painted our living rooms wood paneling and have a nice furniture so it was time to replace the sewn and torn bedsheets that adorned our winders. I sat through the agonizing shopping at two places until she just happened to find these on clearance at bed bath and beyond. Not the best, but not our last. They look pretty decent, were cheap, and will last until we remodel the room in the future.

I achieved something with fuggles I have never been able to do. See below the fold.

The other new one. The flash makes them look a bit brighter and lighter than they really are.

The old ones


Fuggles with the assist

OK now for one of my greatest accomplishments. I got boxers on Fuggles. She is so squirmy / feisty and wow it was a pain, but I won. I always dreamed of getting the boxers on her and having her tail stick out the pee flap, but her tiny waist and body type made that not possible. Still she kept them on for about 5 minutes. My life is now complete.


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